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Melissa Salvarani


Graduated in graphics and photography at the Institute of Art of Modena.
Graduated from the IED - European Institute of Design - in Milan in the course of Editorial Illustration.
Over the years I have attended seminars on illustration, calligraphy, textile accessories and web marketing.

Awards & Exhibitions:

2019 - Winner of the Story Monster literary prize, in the GREEN LIVING section, for the creation of the book Ocean Devotion, in Arizona (USA).
2017 - Exhibition at the XXIV Biennale di Artigianato with the new collections of recycled furnishing accessories from the BonbonsLab brand, Lugo di Romagna (Italy).
2016 - Exhibition at the European collective exhibition 'The Great Books of graphic art', Modena and Brussels (Italy and Belgium).
2012 - Exhibition at the design fair 'Abitare il Tempo' with the first collection of recycled furnishing accessories from the BonbonsLab brand, Verona (Italy).

About Melissa

Have you written a book and are you looking for a professional illustrator to transform your words into enchanting images? Well, you are in the right place!
I specialize in custom commissions and would be happy to work with you to illustrate your book. With years of experience in the world of creation, I am able to capture the essence of your stories and characters, bringing them to life through my distinctive style and my passion for illustration.
Whether you've written a novel, a children's book, or any other literary genre, I'm ready to help make your words even more memorable through my illustrations.
If you are interested in collaborating with me, do not hesitate to contact me via email

It will be a pleasure to discuss the details of your project, including your ideas and artistic preferences.
Don't let your words just stay on the page! They will come to life through my illustrations. Together, we can create an amazing work of art that will be enjoyed by readers around the world. I look forward to collaborating with you and seeing your book become a visual reality!

More information on my Linkedin page.

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