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Graduated in graphics and photography at the Institute of Art of Modena.
Graduated from the IED - European Institute of Design in Milan in the course of Editorial Illustration.
Over the years I have attended seminars on illustration, calligraphy, textile accessories and web marketing.

Awards & Exhibitions:

2019 - Winner of the Story Monster literary prize, in the GREEN LIVING section, for the creation of the book Ocean Devotion, in Arizona (USA).
2017 - Exhibition at the XXIV Biennale di Artigianato with the new collections of recycled furnishing accessories from the BonbonsLab brand, Lugo di Romagna (Italy).
2016 - Exhibition at the European collective exhibition 'The Great Books of graphic art', Modena and Brussels (Italy and Belgium).
2012 - Exhibition at the design fair 'Abitare il Tempo' with the first collection of recycled furnishing accessories from the BonbonsLab brand, Verona (Italy).

About Melissa

I am a curious and empathetic person who has been involved in creativity for over 20 years. I am passionate about art, design, books and photography. I love images and the visual arts. Good ideas are often found in the most unexpected places and that's why I love to travel.

I believe in respecting others, I like to work in a team, do style research and I am passionate about new challenges.
I deal with editorial illustration, graphics (coordinated images for companies, logos, catalogs, packaging) and fashion and technological accessories design.

In 2009 I created the BonbonsLab brand, because in addition to digital graphics I also like to “get my hands dirty”! I recover vintage objects and create original furnishing accessories, which I recycle and cover in fabric and paper with tailored care. I believe in recycling for a cleaner world with less waste.

More information on my Linkedin page.

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